Little Light Dulcimer (LLD)

LLDBuilt on the Compact pattern, the LLD is wood, with thin overlays of carbon fiber on the inside, back and pinblocks. Combined with an arched back and thinner pinblocks, the carbon fiber allows the instrument to be lighter than if made with solid wood, and also makes the instrument more stable through changes in humidity. The LLD is just a little over 10 pounds. Previous designs for ultralight hammered dulcimers have had a disappointing sound, but not this. It does not have quite the warmer bass and bell-like treble of the heavier Compact, being a little more articulate, but is still quite agreeable and no less loud. To keep it light, it does not have the low bass & chromatics of the Compact. The overlay of carbon fiber on the back and pinblocks is not laid up in a mold with a vacuum-pressed finish, in order to keep it thin and the weight minimal, and so has a more organic look.

Tuning Scheme
  E6 - Bb5 D#5
D#6 D6 - G#5 C#5
C#6 *C6 - F5 Bb4*
  B5 - E5 A4
  A5 - D5 G4
  *G5 - C5 F4*
  F#5 - B4 E4
  E5 - A4 D4
  *D5 - G4 C4*
  C#5 - F#4 B3
  B4 - E4 A3
  A4* - D4 G3*
  G#4 - C#4 F#3
  F#4 - B3 E3
  *E4 - A3 D3*
  D#4 - G#3  

* denotes a marked course