The Forte

Forte with black top and two Iguchi roses

Newly updated for 2015. The Forte is an instrument that has been refined over the past 30 years, and has more of the brighter, traditional sound that comes with a longer scale length. It also has a firm mid-range and solid bass. The longer scale length makes it possible to re-string the low bass bridge and re-tune it for more choices in bass notes and chromatics. A great instrument for dances. 1 1/16" string spacing.

Western red cedar top, back. 16 lbs, 45" wide, 18.5" broad, 3.5" deep, (7.25 kilos, 114.3 x 47 x 8.8 cm).

Tuning Scheme
D#6 E6 - Bb5 D#5  
C#6 D6 - G#5 C#5  
  *C6 - F5 Bb4*  
  B5 - E5 A4  
  A5 - D5 G4  
  *G5 - C5 F4*  
  F#5 - B4 E4  
  E5 - A4 D4  
  *D5 - G4 C4* Bb3
  C#5 - F#4 B3 F 
  B4 - E4 A3 Eb3
  *A4 - D4 G3* C3*
  G#4 - C#4 F#3 B2
  F#4 - B3 E3 A2
  *E4 - A3 D3* G2*
  D#4 - G#3    

* denotes a marked course