Extended Range

extended rangeThe Extended Range, originally designed by Sam Rizzetta, indeed has a wide range, and a truly deep, warm and majestic sound. For the solo player, or the musician who sings with their instrument, the regular Extended Range is highly recommended. At 24 lbs (11 kilos), the regular Extended Range is not something to take backpacking, and the 24" (61cm) breadth makes it a bit of trouble to handle. 

In response to pleas for compromise, I've designed a Compact Extended Range  with 1 1/6" spacing is available for the same price. It does not have quite the majestic warm tone of the regular Extended Range, and there is a more sustain.  But, as would be expected with a smaller soundbox, it has a bit more useful punch.

Redwood top and back.  

Compact ER weighs 20 lbs (9 kilos), and is 21.5" (54.5cm) broad. Both instruments are 49" (124.5cm) wide and 4" (11cm) deep. 

Standard ER Tuning Scheme
D#6 E6 - Bb5 D#5  
C#6 D6 - G#5 C#5  
  *C6 - F5 Bb4*  
  B5 - E5 A4  
  A5 - D5 G4  
  *G5 - C5 F4*  
  F#5 - B4 E4  
  E5 - A4 D4  
  *D5 - G4 C4*  
  C#5 - F#4 B3  
  B4 - E4 A3  
  *A4 - D4 G3*  
  G#4 - C#4 F#3 F3
  F#4 - B3 E3 C3
  *E4 - A3 D3* G2*
  D#4 - G#3 C#3 F#
  C#4   F#3 B2 E2
  *B3   E3 A2* D2*
  A#3   D#3    

* denotes a marked course