The Compact

CompactFor quite along time there were requests for a hammered dulcimer that did everything. That had a pretty wide range and decent bass response without being large, which was pretty loud and yet pretty light. Although it is not possible to make a  tuba the size of a tinwhistle, with some ingenuity it's possible to cram a lot of dulcimer into a smaller space, and the result is the Compact.   

Rizzetta-designed bracing and copper alloy strings give it decent bass response, good dynamic range, forceful but not harsh sound, the compass and chromatics of a Forte, and modest size and weight. It is also extremely strong; I have checked one as baggage on a plane in a soft case  more than a few times and found it to pick up nothing worse than a few dents, so for air travel I highly recommend it.

Redwood top, western red cedar back. 12 lbs, 38" wide, 17.5" broad, 3" deep (6 kilos, 96 x 44.5 x 8.8cm). 

Tuning Scheme
  E6 - Bb5 D#5  

Karen Ashbrook owns a compact and had me give her a special tuning for her treble chromatics that has become quite popular. It is available as an option for those who wish to try it.

D#6 D6 - G#5 C#5  
C#6 *C6 - F5 Bb4*  
  B5 - E5 A4  
  A5 - D5 G4  
  *G5 - C5 F4*  
  F#5 - B4 E4  
  E5 - A4 D4  
  *D5 - G4 C4* Bb3
  C#5 - F#4 B3 F 
  B4 - E4 A3 Eb3
  *A4 - D4 G3* C3*
  G#4 - C#4 F#3 B2
  F#4 - B3 E3 A
  *E4 - A3 D3* G2*
  D#4 - G#3    

* denotes a marked course